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  "The Immorality of Afghanistan's Moral Crimes," Washington Post, January 2012.
  "Moral Offenses : The Detention of Women in Afghan Prisons," Afghan Review, December 2011.
  Interview with Lawyer of Pardoned Afghan Rape Victim,Aljazeera, December 2011.
  Juvenile Injustice in Afghanistan 
  An Assessment of Juvenile Justice in Afghanistan
United Arab Emirates  
  “The Defense Never Rests,” The National, November 2011,
  Inside Afghanistan's Jail,Where 2/3 of
Afghan Boys are Brutalized
  Auaf-Motley Legal Internship Program For
Summer 2011
  Ex-Drigger Robert William Langdon escapes
the death penalty for Afghan Murder
  The lawyer that Foreigners Turn to When Caught in Afghanistan's Legal System
  For a Bold American Lawyer in Kabul defense
Never Rests
  Gillard welcomes Afghan decision to spare Robert Langdon death
  Kim Motley l'ex reginetta di bellezza americana che fa l'avvocato nei tribunali afghani
  A peek into US liberated Afghanistan
  The remarkable legal career of Kim Motley, April 2012.
  Fortney: Passionate lawyer’s efforts to free victims of injustice earn wrath in Afghanistan, April 2012.
  Jailed Afghan Rape Victim to be Freed with no Conditions, CTV, December 2011.
  Afghan says she must marry her rapist or suffer her brother’s wrath,December 2011.
  “Libérée de prison à condition d'épouser son violeur,”
  Afghan tribunal jails Briton for corruption
  Afghan tribunal jails Briton for graft: reports
  British private security employee jailed by Afghans
United States  
  Afghan man, detained for being Sikh, is released from prison, 2012.
  Sikh’s detention reveals flaws in Afghan justice, nation’s religious intolerance, 2012
  Jailed Afghan Rape Victim Freed,CNN December 14, 2011.
  Jailed Afghan Still in Prison Despite Pardon,Reuters, December 13, 2011.
  I’ll Marry my Rapist Even Though I Can’t Look at HimNBC, December 7, 2011.
  Raped Afghan Woman Forced to Marry Her Attacker,CBS, December 5, 2011.
  For Afghan Woman, Justice Runs Into Unforgiving Wall of CustomNew York Times, December 2, 2011.
  Karzai Orders Release of Rape Victim,CNN, December 1, 2011.
  Building Justice in Afghanistan Pg.46-47
  American Mom Navigates the Afghan Justice System
  For Wisconsin lawyer in Kabul, defense never rests
  Kimberley Motley, Kabul's Most Respected Lawyer
  AMAZIAN OF THE WEEK! Kimberly Motley, Kabul’s Most Respected Lawyer
  Superwoman, Kim Motley, Lawyer, Wife, Mom and International Crusader for Justice
  Kim Motley, the Go-to Lawyer in Kabul
  A beauty queen takes Kabul
  Former British officer freed from Afghan prison
  CNN - Former British Army Officer Acquitted of Bribery Charges
  Sold, raped and jailed a Girl Faces Afghan Justice
  TAKES FIVE KIMBERLEY MOTLEY Beauty queen uses platform to help kids
  Beauty and Rebellious Sacrifice
  For a bold American lawyer in Kabul, the defence never rests
  2 Milwaukee Men Sentenced in Unrelated Deaths
United Kingdom  
  Kimberley Motley: Making waves in Afghanistan's legal system
  Afghan Prisoner Freedom Bid Fails
  Family bid to Free Teeside Man
  Taliban have $10,000 price on my head, says jailed Army officer in chains and in tears in appeal against trumped-up charges
  Rough Injustice
  Afghanistan: Former British Soldier Found Not Guilty on Bribery Charges
  No escape yet for Bill Shaw, the Briton cleared of bribery in Kabul
  British man jailed in Afghanistan on bribery charges
  Not What They Had in Mind
  Briton Jailed in Afghanistan
  On line fight for British ex para’s release
  Jailed Briton Bill Shaw’s family campaign for release
  Rough Injustice
  “Jailed Afghanistan Rape Victim Gulnaz is Freed,” December 2011