Services Overview

MLS has based our legal practice on understanding our clients' businesses and using this insight to meet their unique and ever-changing legal challenges. Today, we have evolved and are known in Afghanistan and abroad for our premier, sophisticated legal practices and innovative litigation practice. From the most prominent legal specializations to emerging areas of the law, we have the breadth of experience and depth of understanding to provide thoughtful solutions to our clients' most complex legal issues.

We strive to be extremely well-balanced by providing a broad range of services. Theser include litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and financial services. Our litigation practice which has been developed for eight years in Afghanistan and abroad is the cornerstone of what we do and has received accolades internationally. Our litigation team has litigated in courts at all levels in Afghanistan and abroad. Our expertise consists of a wide range of contract negotiations from real estate finance representations to corporate and business counseling in general. From our Fortune 500 clients to our individual representations, MLS offers all of its clients the attention that is necessary in order to provide the best representations, in a wide range of industries, who rely on our strategic and tactical advice that is timely, practical, and grounded in a solid knowledge of civil, criminal, and corporate law.

With our corporate legal representations, MLS relishes on our frequent opportunities to perform on the cutting edge. We emphasize both creativity and expertise, and look for both established and unconventional solutions to complex business and legal problems. We regularly handle complex corporate, civil, and criminal matters by bringing a full complement of interdisciplinary legal services when needed. Our aim is to complete transactions in a successful, pragmatic, practical, results-oriented approach that benefits the needs of our clients.

MLS has assisted public and private companies schieve synergies and efficiencies in problem solving in emergency legal situations to transactional business solutions. We help our clients to execute transactions swiftly and effectively.


  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Criminal Matters
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Medical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Security
  • Telecommunications

Taking Client Representation to the Next Level

As clients of MLS we understand that although not geographically next door we are at your fingertips with our virtual office. MLS gives you the option to instantly manage most legal matters through a secure Website whenever and wherever it's most convenient. By enabling clients 24 hour access - at no added cost - we offer the option to easily review all matter-related documents and correspondences by creating a virtual office where our clients manage their matters on their own terms.